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Rooms and hotel suites available in the day for individuals, business professionals and travellers

RoomForDay ® helps you find a room for day use. Those simply looking for a room to rest, a calm place to work or a place to hold business meetings, RoomForDay can cater to your needs.

RoomForDay ® offers lavish rooms available from 9am till 10pm, with the option of additional services : spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurant, meeting room, ...

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  • • Hotels available in the morning or afternoon
  • • Offers adapted to your budget
  • • Business appointments, intimate places
  • • Luxury services: restaurant, spa, gym
  • • Optional services: concierge, laundry, room service
  • • Book now with just a few clicks on the website or on your mobile phone

day use hotel

Looking for exclusive rates in day use hotels for a couple of hours?

The day use option allows you to book a day room hotel, as opposed tostandard night bookings.Get better day rates negotiated just for you!

Travellers on business trips can book day rooms and working spaces for a few hours with RoomForDay®. Meet your associates, retailers, co-workers in stylish, well equipped high-tech venues. A selection of 3,4 or 5***** star day use hotels in top central locations.

Day use hotels currently available in Marseille, Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon and Belgium. The confirmation of your reservation is sent by SMS and the payment is made upon arrival at the hotel directly.

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The day use booking option allows you to book a hotel room or suite during the day. RoomForDay© day use reservation service offers: business men, travellers in transit and couples needing a place to relax between a stopover - a quiet moment with full hotel amenities (room service, wifi, dry-cleaning and restaurant). You can also access the hotel spa, jacuzzi or swimming pool. Search a hotel to fit your standards, select the best bargain on without even charging your credit card.

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